¿What is hermetic double glazing?

Hermetic Double glazing (DVH) or insulated, are panels composed of two glass sheets, hermetically sealed by thermoplastic tape, existing between both layers a chamber of dehydrated air that provides greater acoustic and thermal insulation compared to a monolithic glass.

The first important concept to know about DVH is that is basically, an air chamber trapped between two glass sheets. Both thermal and acoustic insulation properties are determined by the chamber’s characteristics and the glass type of choice.

To form the air chamber, a perimeter metal profile is used, called a spacer. The width of this spacer will determine the width of the air chamber. In turn, the width of the air chamber is closely linked to the thermal properties of the DVH and it is very important to know how to choose the appropriate width depending on the desired thermal performance.

¿Advantages of hermetic double glazing?

Thermal Insulation

The DVH reduces the thermal exchanges between the two environments it delimits, insulating it from cold and heat. This reduction in heat flows that it provides, compared to a monolithic glass, is due to the chamber of dehydrated air contained between the two glasses, which also provides thermal comfort both in winter and summer.

In Winter

Exterior temperature does not cool the internal DVH glass as a simple glass would. This allows the use of near window spaces with way more commodity without feeling internal temperature changes, bringing more comfort to the space.

The thermal insulation of the DVH prevents the glass from fogging up due to humidity condensation caused by the higher temperature of the internal glass, thus allowing a clearer view. By eliminating the problems of condensation that cause the formation of water, the deterioration and corrosion of the frames are minimized.

In Summer

Heat tends to conduct through the glass; DVH reduces thermal transmission Flow thanks to the dehydrated air chamber existing in between the glass sheets.

With DVH glass you can eliminate, depending on the region’s climate, the necessity of AC installations, depending on the glass used, plus an adequate administration of other shading elements like; blinds, parasols, or appropriate natural ventilation.

The temperature difference between the two sides of the window generates a heat flow from the side with the higher temperature to the side with the lower temperature. The magnitude of this heat flow is measured through the Heat Transmission Coefficient (K). A high K value implies a high heat transfer; low K values ​​mean a high thermal insulation capacity.

Acoustic Insulation

DVH diminishes noise coming from the exterior. The acoustic insulation properties of DVH depend essentially on the thickness and characteristics of the glass used in its fabrication.

The combination of double glazing plus the thermoplastic tape acts as a barrier against noise.

Important: Before recommending a noise control glass, it is very important to establish the fact that this glass will achieve its best potential performance only if all construction elements are designed towards the same objective.

¿When and where to use hermetic double glazing?

DVH glasses have different applications in both interior and exterior spaces.

• In exteriors, we can appreciate DVH glass in buildings facades, residencies, commercial establishments, hotels.

• In interiors, we can use DVH glass in Windows and room doors, libraries, living rooms, offices, and many more.

• Airports

• Recording Studios

• Hospitals

• Etc.

Extralum’s DVH system will prolong its life as long as both the maintenance and installation had been taken into account all considerations this glass system has.

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