What is Fuertex Tempered Glass?

FUERTEX tempered glass is the reference brand for heat-treated glass (Tempered) and the only brand certified by INTECO for the use of safety glass in glazed areas susceptible to human impact.

The mechanical resistance of Fuertex tempered glass is achieved through a rapid heating and cooling procedure that hardens the surface of the material. This industrial process carried out in a tempering furnace requires extensive knowledge and experience to achieve a high-quality and resistant product.

All Fuertex tempered glass has a Brand element

that ensures and guarantees its authenticity.

¿What are FUERTEX Tempered Glass advantages?

When Fuertex tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small, non-cutting pieces, reducing the risk of injury. If the glass is broken, it will shatter into small pieces, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Fuertex tempered glass delivers more resistance to thermal tension than floated glass.

Fuertex tempered glass offers resistance to accidental impacts as well as resistance to flexion five times more than normal glass.

¿When should I use Fuertex Tempered Glass?

  • When exposed to areas susceptible to human impact.
  • When exposed to strong winds and depending on the carpentry.
  • When there are high-temperature differences on the glass surface (sun/shade).
  • General Mechanical Shocks.
  • Air Conditioning and Heating are projected directly onto the glass.

Fuertex tempered glass installed using metal supports can be used for large glazed surfaces to minimize the thickness and provide a light appearance to the enclosure.

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