At Extralum we have the ideal accessories for each of our systems; from doors and windows to tempered glass facades and other architectonic solutions.

The correct accessories selection contributes to a higher functionality percentage of our systems, which is why at Extralum we constantly search for the best price-quality products to reach the established standards and provide accessibility to all market’s necessities.

At Extralum, we have various products that are included as part of a system, and others that are optional to complement according to your likings, requirements, and necessities.

There are plenty of aspects to consider to maintain products in their best condition, especially if we are referring to stainless steel accessories.

Stainless Steel is a generic term to describe over 60 different types of low carbon content Steel (<1.2%) with at least 10% chrome percentage. The addition of chrome is what makes stainless Steel resistant to corrosion.

For exterior uses, stainless Steel offers both durability and resistance against different atmospheric agents. With care, maintenance, and correct ubication, Stainless Steel is an excellent option. (Consult for information regarding the care of stainless-steel accessories).

There are plenty of characteristics that make stainless steel, a powerful material option to choose from. However, it is often overlooked due to its high initial price. The reality is that, in terms of a product’s lifetime, stainless steel is the best price option.

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Main Properties of Stainless Steel.

Corrosion Resistant

Aesthetic Beauty

Heat Resistant

Easy Maintenance


Biologically Neutral

(Does not harm the environment and does not generate dangerous emissions.)

Stainless steel accessories for glass facades

Stainless steel accessories, along with good design, installation execution, and a correct maintenance schedule will ensure long life low maintenance, and a beautiful, corrosion-resistant surface

¿How to deliver proper maintenance to stainless steel accessories?

Regularly, it is necessary to make some maintenance and cleaning activities to conserve the condition of stainless-Steel surfaces without compromising not only its aesthetic appearance but its corrosion resistance. In that sense, stainless Steel is not different from other construction materials such as glass, plastic, carbon Steel, or aluminum, it requires maintenance services throughout its lifetime.

We would like to clarify that, although its name includes the word “stainless”, this does not mean that they are invincible or supernatural products; therefore, the stainless-steel material can corrode if it comes into contact with substances that alter its composition or if it is not properly maintained.

The purpose of these recommendations is to advise installers, owners, builders, and facility managers on how to carry out effective and economical cleaning that allows them to take full advantage of the anti-corrosion properties of stainless steel.

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