Europa Folding Door System Finishes:

Lacquered or anodized aluminum profiles with shades to choose from:

Natural – Inox – Moss bronze – Antique bronze – Walnut wood – Black

Other finishes available on request

Europafolding doors system modulations:

Europafolding doors system characteristics:

Rectangular profiles, stylized and modern.

Use of up to 92% opening of the vessel.

Sheets with maximum dimensions of 800mm wide x 2600mm high with the option of horizontal division.

Of use and external and internal opening.

In its total opening, ventilation of up to 85% is achieved.

Corner options, with a 90° joint configuration using the zero-post profile.

Two lower profile options, one 39 mm high for greater airtightness, especially in windows, and another 16 mm high for better traffic on doors, which also facilitates applications for recessed use.

With 90° cuts in all joints.

Glass thicknesses from 6mm to 24mm.

Up to 14 frames, 7 in each direction.

Profiles with wall thicknesses of up to 1.80 mm. Vilax and Fuertex glass are standard in all window and door applications.

The system allows the use of glass thicknesses from 6mm to 24mm. Depending on configuration in monolithic Fuertex, Vilax or DVH

It uses EPDM rubber packing, which has excellent behavior against the elements.

It has Aluminum AA6063 Temper 5 for profiles for architectural use.


Width X

Minimum 500mm Maximum 800mm

High X

Minimum 1000mm with division Maximum 3000mm

Minimum 500mm without division

Europafolding doors system functioning :

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