Unica Facade System Accessories:

The Unica System accessories have a natural finish, are made of Aluminum, and are highly resistant to corrosion.

Unica Facade System Characteristics:

Provide transparency and show a more current and modern aspect at a technical level.

Allows multiple uses.

With a unique hinge, heavy doors of up to 100 kg are supported without modifying the closing behavior, which remains automatic.

The tilting variant allows its application in larger door vessels, maintaining maximum stability and safety in a minimum space.

It stands out for being simple and quick to install.

Does not use hydraulics.

Glasses that can be used:

FUERTEX safety glass with thicknesses: 10mm and 12mm.


Width (mm)

Min. Max.

800 1000

Height (mm)

Min. Max.

2100 3000

Typical Designs

The kit allows the configuration of doors X, XX

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Vilax Laminated Glass

Solar control Glass

DVH Glass


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