Glass facades are an excellent option for the commercial field. This allows customers to freely look inside and at the same time, facilitates the display of large products. In addition to being increasingly integrated into the residential environment. Thanks to the fact that they provide acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as a modern feeling to the property, making them an excellent option to build exterior walls

A glass façade for a commercial building or retail store should provide the best possible performance combined with the most attractive aesthetics. The variety of glass available for facades allows architects and designers to control all aspects of performance, from thermal and solar control to security, color and the overall design statement of the building.

Types of Facades

In Extralum we have different Facade Systems according to the needs of each project, we have fixed, folding, sliding, folding and parking systems.

There is no other building product that stimulates the imagination like glass does, which is why our tempered glass façade systems combine superior aesthetics and minimalism to suit even the most demanding projects using the latest technology.

Fixed Facades

System: Netma Point

It is widely used because of the flexibility of its joints, which allow joints to be made in many ways that a fitting without them would not be able to achieve. In addition, this system offers a modern and elegant elegance of great value.

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Folding Facades

System: Unica

The Unica System has been created for exterior doors, but its format and minimalist design allow it to be applied in any environment. It is distinguished by being simple and quick to install on the floor.

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System: Biloba

It has been created for interior doors and allows us not to have to install brakes, bolts and pivot points, preserving the closing functions performed by the traditional brake.

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System: Netma Pivot

The Netma Pivot system is our most popular hinged door, another aesthetic solution for glass applications where architectural concepts require a more modern design.

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System: Traditional Chapeta

The Chapeta System is the first hardware system for tempered glass, allowing to provide facades with multiple designs according to the architect’s needs, as well as meeting the highest requirements of aesthetics, elegance and safety.

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System: Zócalo

The skirting system is a system composed of aluminum (extruded by Extralum) and Fuertex tempered glass, used in both residential and commercial applications.

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Sliding Facades

System: Netma Slide

The Netma Slide system meets the need for a sliding door of great elegance composed of few accessories.

It can be hung on either a glass or a wall, allowing to optimize the space of the room and at the same time providing the feeling of spaciousness that glass creates.

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System: Fx Prensa

The press system is a high-performance sliding glass opening, specially designed to divide spaces, integrating harmoniously with the architecture and furnishings to obtain visual lightness and continuity in interior environments, thanks to its discreet use of accessories.

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System: Variant

The Variant System is a sliding and sliding system for tempered glass panes, as in a modular system, the individual components can be combined in different ways to form a whole. Its dragging system allows to move all the leaves only with the movement of the first one.

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Folding Facades

System: Invisible Connection

The Invisible Connection System is a folding opening system (accordion type), where the glass panes move together joined by hinges that slide along an upper guide and a channel embedded in the floor.

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Parking Facades

System: Junior

It is a parked opening system, composed of individual leaves that slide along an upper guide which is parallel or perpendicular according to the position of the leaves. The number of leaves per system is unlimited and an equal number of parking bays can be used to distribute the installed leaves.

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