Tempered glass

What is tempered glass?

Tempering process consists of the heat treatment to which we submit our glasses in order to give them mechanical and thermal resistance properties, turning an ordinary glass into a safety glass.

Technically, what we do is heat gradually float up to a temperature of softening of 650 Celsius glass, then cool it quickly with air.

This way will get that glass is exposed on its surface to compression stress and inside to traction stresses, giving greater structural strength and impact than glass thermally untreated.

Giving birth in this way to our safety glass:


Glass Fuertex additional features

General for tempered glass specifications
We can tune thicknesses from4mm to 19mm
Types of glass that we can tuneColorless, color glass, special glass
Measures maximum2400 mm x 3300 mm
Minimum size350 mm x 350 mm
Regarding the crude glass impact resistance.4 to 5 times more resistant than a raw glass before any requirement: burden, wear (scratches), etc.
Form of ruptureSmall fragments without sharp edges
Supports changes in temperature of up to 250th C
Types of services that we can add the tempered glasses Edgebanding, beveled, polishes and straight shapes, sandblasting (sandblasting), service of holes or throw-ins
Form of ruptureSmall fragments without sharp edges
Product certification
Application of the product

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