Laminated glass​

Whereas the laminated glass

Laminated glass consists of the union of two or more layers of glass, interspersed with layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which, through a process of heat and pressure, since a glass a with one another, making them behave as a single unit.

Resulting in a resistant material of excellent quality, which we have called him:


Our Vilax glass process, begins in a clean room with controlled environment, where after having gone each of the glasses through a washing machine to remove any dirt or stains, proceed to make the Assembly of the glass with PVB.

After this, the glass and PVB go through a heating furnace where will arrive at an approximate temperature of 70o C, eliminating the air between the glass and PVB being bonded with each other, finally passed to the Autoclave where they are subjected to controlled conditions of temperature and pressure, to achieve a total adhesion of glass and PVB.

Glass Vilax additional features

General for tempered glass specifications
We can laminate thickness from3mm to 19mm
Types of glass that we can laminateColourless, glass color, special glasses, mirrors
Maximum lamination measures2500 mm x 3600 mm
Minimum dimensions for laminating250 mm x 400 mm
Types of thicknesses of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), we handle0, 38 mm / 0.76 mm / 1.14 mm / 1.52 mm
Types of colors of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), we handleColorless / True Blue / Golden Light / Coral Rose / Sapphire / Deep red / Cool white / Aguamarine / Tangerine / Evening shadow / Ruby red / Absolute white / Absolute black
Form of ruptureFragments remain attached, avoiding the release of dangerous sharp shards of glass
Types of services we can add glass laminatesService Canteado, beveled, tempered, polishes straight and in forms, sandblasting (sandblasting), holes or throw-ins.
Sun protectionMore than 99% of UV rays filtering
Detail of colors

With the advancement of technology and the desire to express to the maximum all the creativity in our buildings, Extralum makes available in the market a new range of chromatic possibilities in its VILAX ® glass.

Providing architects and designers the ability to innovate and give rein to their creativity, giving glasses and light, a high prominence in their designs, without neglecting the safety and protection, this the backed of a quality product.

Currently Extralum has 10 basic colors of PVB but their chances of color are more there and we can offer more than two thousand possibilities of transparent, translucent or opaque color, to facilitate the creation of the intensity and tone desired.

To avoid fading of glasses, Extralum achieved an alliance with one of the best suppliers in the world, ensuring in this way that their laminated glass VILAX ® have the best PVB on the market, being these products with stable and heat-resistant pigments to light instead of dyes that, over time, lose pigmentation, not to mention that and also undergo rigorous durability testing to ensure the stability of the colors in the long run.

Colors Vilax

  • True Blue
  • Golden Light
  • Coral Rose
  • Sapphire
  • Deep red
  • Cool white
  • Aguamarine
  • Tangerine
  • Evening shadow
  • Ruby red
Product certification

Laminated glass VILAX ® is manufactured under strict quality controls, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the standard ANSI Z97 for safety glass.

The certificate of conformity INTECO brand, validates both the manufacturing process and the properties of the final product protection.

Our laminated glass VILAX is submitted to rigorous testing of impact, all according to the standard ANSI Z97 in this way to ensure their quality and safety for the people and living things.

Protection and security

Extreme protection

When there is an explosion, the main cause of damage is the detachment of fragments of glass at high speeds. Laminated glass allows fragments are stuck, avoiding the release of dangerous sharp shards of glass.

This kind of glass is used in areas of high seismic risk and hurricanes, allowing characteristics significantly decrease accidents and damages caused by the glass by these events.

Security in case of theft

Laminated glass is an effective barrier to deter and prevent theft, because if it manages to break the glass, it will be virtually impossible to make a gap of dimensions such that allows entry into the interior space and the theft of valuables.

If you want protection against attacks with firearms (bulletproof glass or shielded) it will be necessary to use multilaminados glass formed at least three glasses of two layers of polyvinyl and also prevent the detachment of fragments of glass towards the side of the attacked person.

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