Bulletproof glass

It's the bulletproof glass

VILAX bulletproof is a range of highly specialized products manufactured for the specific purpose of resist the penetration of projectiles discharged from different firearms. All products manufactured within the range of VILAX bullet are designed to comply with the requirements of the standards of security in bulletproof glass material.

Bulletproof glasses are glasses multilaminados formed by several layers of glass interspersed with polyvinyl butyral (P.V.B).

This composition ensures not only that the projectile is stopped unless you reach through the glass, but also that are fragments of the attacked side does not shed.

The components used in the manufacture of Bulletproof VILAX maintain a high level of light transmission, and ensure the quality of vision through the glass to be free of distortion.

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Bulletproof glass additional details

Features and benefits


Prevents the penetration of projectile and protects from the detachment of particles inward, protecting the physical integrity of persons.


Does not present distortion of images and the visibility is excellent.


The product can be manufactured with color glass, which gives it a touch of aesthetic and solar control.


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