Laminated glass

What is Eko-Glass?

A chemical treatment is that we submit our glasses to improve and protect its surface, thus treated with Eko-Glass glasses are repellent to water, oil and dirt, giving resistance to impact and scratches.

The secret is the patented Diamon - Fusion ® which improves and protects the surfaces treated with a thin ultra barrier, against:

  • Hard water mineral deposits.
  • Environmental contaminants.
  • The erosion.

What we do initially is to fill the microscopic valleys of the irregular surface of the glass creating a smoother surface. We then encapsulating them to increase its strength and durability.

This achieves a protection durable, optically clear and more resistant to the weather conditions.

Characteristics important for the Eko-Glass


Step 1:

The first product fill in the microscopic valleys on the surface of the glass

Step 2:

The second product generates the chemical bonding, sealing surface and improving its homogeneity.

Advantages of the product

The glass treated with Eko Glass (DFI) ® repel water and oil, which translates into:

  • It reduces the growth of mold and bacteria on the surface of the glass.
  • Greater resistance to stains and graffiti.
  • Greater resistance to scratches.
  • Less frequent cleaning.
  • Resistance to the deposits of calcium and sodium (marks caused by hard water).
  • 20% increases the brightness of the glass.
  • Friendly to the environment since it does not require the use of chemical cleaners.