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Values Extralum

We showed a real interest in our internal and external customer requirements.

We constantly change the way of doing things, proposing and implementing new Ideas that add value to the final consumers, our customers and our company.

We apply a constant improvement in the development of our employees, products and processes to meet the needs of our customers.

We value every person and consider their dignity, providing an inclusive work environment.

We fulfill our roles being responsible and consistent with our internal processes, the environment and society.

We work shoulder to shoulder under a common purpose to achieve our goals.

Code of ethics

Our culture looks for all Extralum employees to act in an ethical manner, promoting corporate values; This is why we invite you to be part of this commitment to achieve our purpose.

Compliance with the guidelines established by the Organization we demonstrate a sincere identification with the company; its principles, standards and policies make us belong to the great family Extralum.

We are looking for a team that reflects our way of acting and thinking; fulfilling legal way with laws in each of the countries where our operations develop explicit.

Comply with the provisions of our code of ethics will lead us always to have the satisfaction of having acted loyally with our company and our stakeholders of clear and honest manner in an atmosphere of trust in all aspects of our lives either within the company or outside it.

Our code is a compendium of guidelines which no exhaustive is intended to guide us in our way of thinking and acting, where could appear a conflict of nature ethics, so the scope is extended for all our people.

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